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A & J Music Factory On Air

We invented Home Clubbing

A & J Music Factory on Air was founded 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown of Clubs, Pubs and all other places were DJ´s normally work. Two DJ´s Thomas Anderberg and Per Jeppson got the idea to create a WEB Radio station, were DJ´s can perform their DJ sets for a net audience. By doing this DJ´s get a chance to perform and stay in "Club Standard Shape" without being at the club, since they have a GLOBAL CRITICAL CLUB AUDIENCE listening! The audience get the chance to listen to DJ sets and dance at home during the Night Clubs Lock Down! MUSIC EVENT NEWS MIX SET's by DJ's

Program och presentatörer

A & J Music Night Shift (Mix of reruns), DJ Battle Party Stockholm, Last Weekend Shows, A & J MFOA Dance Chart Week 08, A & J Music Factory DJ Sets, GUEST DJ OF THE WEEK, Wake Up with A & J Morning Show, HIT MUSIC STREAM, Ehsing Morgon Show, Reruns Last Week Shows

Frekvenser FM

  • Malmo : Online
  • Stockholm : Online


Webbplats: http://ajmusicfactoryonair.com

Telefon: +46 709841920

E-post: dj@jeppson.se